Gatewood Elementary School is grateful for each parent and community member who contributes to the success of our deserving students. All volunteer work must be done under the direction of an assigned teacher, site volunteer coordinator, principal or vice principal. In order to provide students with a safe environment and allow for a variety of opportunities for volunteering with kids, all of our volunteers must complete the following four-step application process. 

1. Volunteer Application-Screening-Disclosure Form  
2. On-line Training for Sexual Misconduct: Adult Volunteers 
3. Volunteer Handbook 
To view the Volunteer Handbook in another language, please refer to the Seattle School District Volunteer page: Seattle School District: Volunteers 
You must complete the four-step application process above and submit your paperwork, including a copy of your valid driver's license, to main office at Gatewood before you will be allowed to volunteer with children.
If you have questions regarding your volunteer status, please contact the Gatewood office at 206-252-9400.